"...“It's not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.”..."
-marilyn monroe
By engaging and hiring, it is made clear that any payment enchanged is only for legal adult companionship (escort) services. This is not an offer for prostituion, any comments, notions, requests, compensations which are directed in such manner will be terminated and our time will immediately stop. Any emotional adult actions which might occur are solely by  two adults whom both consent to those actions in a emotional non compensating way.


- elaborate travel
- dinner dates
- overnights
- simple hour of entertainment
- plus everything in between...

450/hr+ distance dependent
Dinner & Dessert....... 950/4hrs
Out & About.............. 1350/6hrs
Overnight**.............. 2550/12hrs
Full**........................ 3050/24hrs
Longer engagements are available & open to discussion

*Las Vegas is outcall only but incall can be arranged for locals & must book multiple hours
** includes 6-8hrs of sleep

Safety is of the utmost importance to me. Meanwhile keeping your personal information private is always a Top Priority. The information I ask for is strictly used for screening purposes only. If you are unable to provide the needed information or I can not Verify you, We Will NOT Be Able to Meet.  Pre-Booking is strongly suggested because screening may take time. If it is a same day appointment, please call directly after emailing me the required verification.

Thank you for understanding.

FIRST You MUST be Verified one of the following ways:

A: I'm a member of several Pre Screening services:
P411 - P20843
Private Delights

B: Two or more Provider References:
    Please give as much info as possible, Her name, phone #, e-mail address, where & when you saw her last,
where you found her ad, and anything that may help her remember you

C: If You Have None of the above:
You must be willing to provide "Real World Info", we Might be able to work something out.
CALL Me for this option.
I so look forward to being with you though I suspect time will pass quickly! I recommend reviewing my donations prior to your arrival in case you are having such an incredible experience and wish to extend our time together. However, do not presume that my schedule is open as I am a touring companion who also maintains a private life. Being placed in the uncomfortable position of having to remind you that our date is nearing an end is disheartening. If my schedule permits, I will be more than happy to extend our encounter by first updating your donation.

Please remember that the connection we share is confined to our date.
Ours is & must remain a business interaction.

A true gentleman will always respect a lady's wishes & abide well within her comfort zone. In the event that I am feeling pressured to violate my comfort zone or engage in what I consider to be unsafe practices, I will have no choice but to abruptly end our encounter, terminating our relationship. No refunds